Creative Entrepreneurship is the conscious application of
creative instincts as a means of winning in business


It’s often thought that business is a “left-brain” discipline
and creativity is a “right-brain” activity

Logic and discipline vs. emotion, facts and numbers vs. intuition. Creative Entrepreneurs approach entrepreneurship first and foremost as a creative discipline, rather than, say, an analytical one. Creative Entrepreneurship creativity as a potent commercial or social change weapon. Creative Entrepreneurs combine:

  • Idealism and Pragmatism

  • Emotion and Logic

  • Artistry and Commerce

  • Design and Function

  • Heritage and Innovation

Creative Entrepreneurs worship both
beauty and commerce, artistic integrity and success, heritage and innovation.

They would not be happy winning if it came at the cost of compromising on the artistic and visual merits of their creation — but they are also fiercely competitive, technologically innovative and want to dominate their industry. Creative Entrepreneurs can be business men and women; politicians; artists; musicians; filmmakers; chief executives.

They come from all kinds of backgrounds and industries and span multiple decades. Creative Entrepreneurship is not a mere byproduct of, for example, Apple leading the way by showing that people will pay a premium for something that’s both well designed and functional.

Some Examples:

  • Peter Carl Faberge (Russian jeweler renown for the Faberge eggs and a brilliant businessman)
  • Steve Jobs (founder of Apple)

  • Tony Fadell (founder of Nest)

  • The Beatles (no explanation needed!)

  • Howard Schultz (CEO, Starbucks)